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What Ponthela Group Do?
Its all about the services that we provides
Ponthela Group : Services
Ponthela Group Expanded its wings in Middle East,Africa and South America with its wide operation and now we are one among the leading Supplier of Raw material to metal markets around the world and we are well known in local and international market too. Ponthela is forced to become a market leader in the area were we have knowledge of business expertise with a clear objective to deliver the best quality and professional service. Our Group is also trying to provide recyclable raw material to the industries in India and all over the world. India is heard out for steel industry and foundries, where we are supplying the best recyclable raw material from different countries.
Metal Scrap Trading
Metal Scrap Trade has been our forte over all these years. Metal Scrap trading is always a consistent business for us, as it is a raw material for a factory; the trade is always on, even in the volatile currency and commodity markets all of us live in. Our team is fully geared and well versed in negotiating deals, preparing contracts, establishing or receiving LCs, bank correspondences, documentation, shipping instructions, Bills of Ladings etc. We have a dynamic management system to control the banking exposures, shipping schedules, to study and forecast market trends.
We make sure that we purchase our goods only from recognised sources; or from areas in where we have our physical presence during loading of the cargo. Our success in Metal Scrap Trade is due to the principled approach on quality control of the cargo that we trade in. Owing to this we always have satisfied buyers.
We have flexible payment terms on our purchases. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and work closely with them to understand and market their products to the right customer at the right price. We can confidently say that most of our suppliers and customers are satisfied as most of the business we do is repeat business.
Our yards are equipped with cutting, sorting, cleaning, packing and loading equipment. We have skilled staff for shearing machines, plasma cutting equipment, cranes and metal analysers. We have both open and covered storage spaces.
Timber Trading
Though we started Timber only a decade back, we graduated from containerised cargo to full ship loads in a matter of few years. This is owing to our rigorous quality control practices with representatives on both load ports and destination ports. This ensures the best quality cargo supply to the buyers and hence no complaints and a satisfied customer.
We have separate team in our organisation to handle timber thus ensuring; flawless operations, on-time payments to suppliers, regular shipments, maintaining track of cargo and keeping everyone in the loop informed. The management is responsive and proactive in decision making to satisfy the requirements of the suppliers along with the demands of the customers be it a saw mill or a plywood factory.
We have our own offices and representatives in all the places we are buying our cargo from, Malaysia, West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Burkina Faso), Central America (Columbia, Guyana, Ecuador, Panama), North America (U.S.A., Canada). We have a ship chartering arm to take care of the logistics and shipping both for bulk shipments and containerised cargo.
We are looking to start bulk shipments of softwood from North America and New Zealand in the immediate future.
In line with our firm belief in environmentally sustainable trade, we are increasing theproportion of harvested and plantation timber in our portfolio.